Bleak Future For Peds And Cyclists

On March 18, 2018 49 yr. old Elaine Herzberg of Tempe, AZ. was pushing her bicycle across the road when she was struck by a self driving Uber vehicle.  She died later that night in the hospital.

You will have formed your own opinions about the self driving car market by the time you read this, so I will spare you the recycled rants. Rather, I’ll reiterate that once again pedestrian and cyclist safety in this country has taken a back seat to the money machine.  AZ Governor Doug Ducey welcomed Uber with open arms to use AZ as it’s testing grounds for autonomous vehicles.  Why?  I’m not sure.  As pessimistic as it sounds politicians are typically inspired by two things; votes and money.

Uber and Governer Ducey were both well aware of  the issues these autonomous vehicles had with detecting and navigating bike lanes yet here we are.

Change our culture change our thinking!


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