Mission Statement- To advocate for the expansion of off road areas for cyclists free from the threat of motorized vehicles; to educate and bring awareness to the sport of mountain biking; to support local projects and trail improvements; to be stewards of the ecosystem; to work with other like-minded groups and individuals as a power by numbers institution to support real change in federal and state legislation.

About Dirt Project- This is an advocacy site for the expansion of off-road land use for cyclists; including, trails, pathways, bike parks, pump tracks…. any place that potentially removes bicycles from the threat of vehicles.

8842398-3x2-940x627In 2015 an average of 2.24 cyclists were killed per day by vehicle.  Estimated non-fatal injuries are staggering, but I will not bother stating numbers since only a fraction of them ever get reported.

My plan is clear but achieving it seems unattainable through attempts by myself alone.  How does one person push for improvement and expansion when our opponents want more restriction?  DP wants to work with local land management, not undermine them, but we need to demonstrate we are a substantial group who pay our share of taxes.

I maintain hopes that this site can become a group effort, a collaboration of sorts, where people involved in a common task can help each other reach that common goal by sharing their stories, legislative hurdles, statistics and articles so this site can become a power by numbers institution, an unavoidable presence to the legislators and makers of law whom only show interest when it comes to voter numbers.

About me..

2017-04-29 075326-5225795I began biking regularly in 2013.  Since that time I have immersed myself in all things cycling; mountain, road, bike packing, and gravel.  My passion however is mountain biking, and yes, I am aware of the irony that I live among a non-existent mountain range in the mid-west.  However, to maintain my street cred, I do my best to hit the trails once a year with my buddy in Salida, CO.  I regularly interact on MTBR forums, I donate to the Sustainable Trails Coalition, I am a member of the local IMBA (Int. Mountain Bicycling Assoc.) chapter, I support the LBS (local bike shop), and I stay up to date with bike companies and cyclists on social media.


Out for a hike with my pups Hartlee and Stevie.  Like many of you I don’t just bike.  My passion is the outdoors.

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