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Become An Active Member- This site debuted in early 2018.  I created it after receiving the following response from the IDNR to my inquiry about allowing some winter fat bike riding at Rock Cut-

…but generally if we are going to expand any use of our facilities, it involves more study to determine what the real demand for the resource is..”. 

Makes sense I guess, these folks need to answer to all user groups, hikers, hunters, equestrian… and can’t start changing the rules for one mountain biker.  So, we as a user group, must show we exist.  To do that we need a legit tax paying member list that supports our agenda.  Please sign up- -This isn’t a mailing list and your e-mail will never be given away or sold.

Be a steward- Don’t ride muddy trails, don’t litter, don’t veer off and cut new trails, learn proper trail etiquette and be respectful of others including; other riders, hikers, dog walkers, and grumpy property owners that may not like us riding along their back yard.

Share with some friends- Tell your friends and fellow cyclists about Dirt Project.  Share on social media.  Take a friend or family member to a local trail and introduce them to greatest sport around.

Be a contributer- Got News on a project?   Would you like to raise awareness on your local riding?  If you think it fits into DP’s mission, send me your article and I’ll post it up.


Dirt Project Fundraiser Shirts – $5 of each shirt sale goes to Atwood Trail Project in Rockford, IL- SOLD OUT


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