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Become An Active Member- This site debuted in early 2018.  I created it after receiving the following response from the IDNR to my inquiry about allowing some winter fat bike riding at Rock Cut-

…but generally if we are going to expand any use of our facilities, it involves more study to determine what the real demand for the resource is..”. 

Makes sense I guess, these folks need to answer to all user groups, hikers, hunters, equestrian… and can’t start changing the rules for one mountain biker.  So, we as a user group, must show we exist.  To do that we need a legit tax paying member list that supports our agenda.  Please sign up- -This isn’t a mailing list and your e-mail will never be given away or sold.

Be a steward- Don’t ride muddy trails, don’t litter, don’t veer off and cut new trails, learn proper trail etiquette and be respectful of others including; other riders, hikers, dog walkers, and grumpy property owners that may not like us riding along their back yard.

Share with some friends- Tell your friends and fellow cyclists about Dirt Project.  Share on social media.  Take a friend or family member to a local trail and introduce them to greatest sport around.

Be a contributer- Got News on a project?   Would you like to raise awareness on your local riding?  If you think it fits into DP’s mission, send me your article and I’ll post it up.

Sponsor DP-  I currently do this out of pocket because I love mountain biking and want to see the sport expanded throughout the Midwest.  Currently the site is relatively inexpensive to operate.  Eventually I would like the capability to add plugins and other options for petitions and such.  To do that I will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Dirt Project Fundraiser Shirts – $5 of each shirt sale goes to Atwood Trail Project in Rockford, IL- SOLD OUT


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